Keys to Keeping your Linen and Coat Closets Neat and Tidy

We have all been guilty, at one point or another, of holding on to extra stuff for fear that we might need it ‘someday’! This way of thinking often leads to a snowball effect of overflowing closet and storage spaces making our homes feel cluttered and unorganized and adding a whole new level of frustration to laundry time. It’s time to break the cycle. Use these tips to help de-clutter and find better storage solutions so your closets go from stuffed to functional.

  1. Figure out what you need for each room in the house and where those items should be stored for convenience – You wouldn’t store your kitchen towels in the upstairs bedroom closet, right? When you have a better idea of what you use in each room you can create an organizational plan for each closet/cabinet storage area. Knowing what you use in each area will also help you figure out what you have too much of. There’s no need to have 7 sets of sheets if you only have 2 beds in the house. If you keep those for when you have guests, perhaps they can be stored in vacuum seal bags to save space!

  2. Think outside the ‘closet’ – Just because you have extra bedding does not mean it needs to take up space in your day to day linen closets. You can easily utilize under the bed storage bins or vacuum bags for pillows, large comforters, or heavy seasonal blankets that are only used part of the year. Keep that linen closet space for your towels, spare sheet sets, and day to day toiletries. Rotate out your seasonal coat closet items, no need to keep those heavy coats in there during summer.
  3. Utilize different shelving solutions – Your closet may already have adjustable shelving or it might be easy to install. This can really help as you adjust your closet contents for seasonal weather or if you have extra people in the house for a short period of time and need the space. Adding baskets or other storage for small items can really help keep things tidy. For your coat closets, utilize baskets or hat boxes for the top shelf to store seasonal items like gloves and hats and add a special hanger for scarves.

  4. Always store like items together – Nothing aids disorganization like putting things back in the wrong place! Make sure the whole family knows the organization system, or at least the ones putting away laundry. Fold towels into 3rds length wise for the most space efficient storage and group sheet sets together by folding everything and putting all items inside of one matching pillow case. Make sure you have sturdy hangers for large heavy coats and use a rug in the closet to keep the shoe mess to a minimum!

Follow these simple tips and your closets will be better organized and functional all year round! If you have any stellar organization tips leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear them. And, as always, if you need help with any of these home projects head over to to find your home improvement hero!

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