Is your mudroom ready for winter?

Winter has arrived and with it a new set of front door messes! For those of you that have a mudroom, here are some tips and tricks to keep all your winter accessories organized so you are ready to brave the cold. And for those of you that don’t, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too.

Step 1: Clean it out! If you have neglected your mudroom area in the absence of rainy or cold weather, it’s time to do some cleaning. Starting off with a freshly cleaned space will cut your setup time in half.


While you’re in cleaning mode go through your winter accessories and ditch any of the items that don’t fit anymore or have just seen better days. No sense in keeping items that you won’t use anyway.

Step 2: A place for everything and everything in its place! Choose how you want your items set up and make sure it’s something that creates function, not chaos. If you have the space give everyone their own section for shoes, coats, and small items like gloves and hats.


Step 3: Boot trays! Get some trays for your dirty boots so you’re not tracking snow and slush everywhere. Try lining the trays with pebbles so when the snow melts off it doesn’t create a puddle, just make sure you empty it out often.

Step 4: Stay warm!! Enjoy your clean and tidy mudroom and get outside to enjoy the cold weather.

For those of you that don’t have a mudroom you can easily create one near whatever door is most convenient. Grab a tall book shelf like the Kallax shelf unit from Ikea (pictured below)


lay this down on the ground instead of standing tall and use it for shoe storage and as a place to sit while you put on your boots. Next hang up a few hooks above each open section in the book shelf for coats and scarves, make sure you use the appropriate tools so they don’t fall out. Finally add a hanging basket or wall cube above the hooks and you have a place for hats and gloves. Voila you have a homemade mudroom.


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